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About Recycle Water Solutions

Wastewater Treatment - Water Recycling - Sewage Treatment Plants

Recycle Water Solutions is a North Queensland based company established in early 2000. We have personally been involved in the industry for several decades, during which time we and have developed and tested our waste water treatment systems in various environments and they have proven to continually produce high quality water suitable for reuse.

Our treatment systems have been installed in areas in PNG and as well as most states including Western Australia.

They have proven to be reliable; cost effective and easy to maintain.
Recycle Water Solutions is a leading manufacturer and installer of Domestic and Commercial wastewater recycling treatment systems for small to medium scale application throughout Australia. We use multi-stage bioreactors with the latest membrane separation technology, to fully utilise microbial action to treat contaminated wastewater at its source.

The process produces very high quality treated water, suitable for safe use within the environment.

Recycle Water Solutions is effectively improving water quality, promoting sustainable use of natural resources, and protecting the environment from possible wastewater contamination. A significant advance in wastewater treatment technology and water recycling.

We believe that the membrane filtration technology will play a major role in the future of wastewater treatment. The package uses the siClaro submerged low pressure ultrafiltration flat sheet membrane to separate activated sludge from the biologically treated wastewater thus providing an effective barrier for bacteria and significant removal of viruses.

Recycle Water Solutions has a range to suit you Commercial or Domestic

Wastewater Treatment - Water Recycling - Sewerage Treatment Plants

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