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Domestic Recycle Water Solutions

Household Wastewater Treatment - Household Sewage Solutions - Magnesium

How Does the Process Work?
All your household waste -
laundry, toilets, kitchen, bathrooms
go to the treatment plant
Treatment plant
all of the waste
To produce clean effluent water
for your gardens and other
re-use options

si-Claro Membrane System
What is a Membrane System?

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Membrane System - Sewerage Solutions

Magnesium Brochure

A membrane is a physical barrier separating solid particles from clear liquid

The Membrane pores are so small that most bacteria and viruses are unable to pass through.

The mean pore diameter of the membranes is only thirty-five millionths of a millimetre (0.000035 mm).
In comparison, the diameter of an enteric bacteria (E-Coli) is approx. one thousandth of a millimetre (0.001 mm), so
that the HSTP10 and the DMS membrane represents an impassable barrier for these bacteria.

The ultra-filtration membrane used separates the smallest particles up to the colloids of the liquids purely on a
physical basis due to their defined pore sizes (< 0,1 ìm).
The membrane holds these substances back without changing them either physically or chemically. Thus,
dangerous substances cannot originate.

We use flat membranes derived from organic polymers that are very effective in their usage when combined with the
unique filter construction which prevents filter clogging due to hairs, fibres or other unhygienic coarse substances.

Our ultra-filtration membrane constitutes an absolute barrier for bacteria and large viruses like the dangerous
pathogenic agent of infantile palsy. The smallest organic molecules, metallic ions and dissolvable salts partly
essential for life, can pass the ultra-filtration membranes unhindered.

15 Year Warranty

Every Magnesium Domestic Membrane System is covered by a full manufacturers warranty. There is a 15 year warranty on the pre-cast concrete tank and a 12 month warranty on all electrical and mechanical components including the irrigation pump, and a 12 month extended warranty is available.

Magnesium has devised a Membrane Exchange Program which effectively means that the membrane has a lifetime warranty.
Conditions apply

Please refer to Recycle Water Solutions for more information.

Magnesium Treatment Plant results may vary from house to house depending upon how well they are looked after.

Household Wastewater Treatment - Household Sewage Solutions - Magnesium

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