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Types of Installation

Wastewater - Sewage - Treatment - Systems

Recycle Water Solutions understand that types of properties vary greatly, from small canal blocks to large rural properties. The Waterboy can be installed on any site not connected to the sewerage network.
Flat and steep blocks
Small and large properties
Properties near the ocean
Properties in rural areas
Large and small houses
Under pole homes
A major advantage of the Waterboy is that the setback distances are reduced.
For example, an irrigation area of 10m from a watercourse is all that is required.
A secondary system is
required to be 30m away
form a watercourse, which is not practical in some cases.
Other advantages

Advanced Secondary Effluent Quality mean that rather than being restricted to a fixed irrigation area, like other systems, a Waterboy customer is able to utilise the effluent for a variety of applications.

1. Movable irrigation systems allowing the customer to decide when and where watering are required. (Depends on Local Council regulations).

2. Treated water can be re-used, depending on council regulations, for such uses as… toilet flushing… car washing… bushfire storage and hosing paths etc.

The owner will be required to do nothing.

Recycle Water Solutions service providers will do the following:

Testing effluent quality...

Inspecting the membranes and cleaning if necessary...

Replacement or repair any broken or damaged equipment...

Inspecting the irrigation system and other fixtures receiving effluent...

Inspecting and undertaking performance checks on all pumps, switches and aeration equipment...

Wastewater - Sewage - Treatment - Systems

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