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Effluent Quality - Waterboy Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked about the Waterboy HSTP-10

"Ok you treat the water by passing it through a filter, but what happens to the solids"? "Where does it all go to"? "Does it need to be pumped out"? "How does it all work"?
The membranes are immersed in an activated sludge environment, just like you find at your local municipal sewer plant. The unit is also a Bioreactor and the "bugs" eat the solids. Generally no pump-out is required. Only the clean water can leave this environment via the physical membrane barrier, which is very fine… (0.4 to 0.1 microns).

"My town water is hard. Will this affect the process, or corrode your system"?

The waterboy unit contains food grade plastic and high-grade stainless steel components.

"How does it work"?
It is an Aerated Bioreactor Unit, with membrane filtration.

"What are membranes"?
They are very fine filters

"How is it installed"?
By an accredited installer, usually in the ground, but in some circumstances, may install it above the ground.

"What can the effluent be used for"?
Toilet flushing hard stand wash down, movable sprinkler systems.

"How much does it cost to run"?
Approximately 50% more than the units on the lower scale for a 100,000% better result (log progression). There are also long term financial gains and environmental considerations.

"What are the servicing requirements"?
At the moment they are four monthly. We will go to six monthly very soon.

"What are the warranties"?

12 months warranty on everything… then the manufacture's warranties on any component items, such as pumps etc.

"Can I still use standard cleaning products"?
Yes, any standard biodegradable type, but there is a fair amount of tolerance to most chemicals.

"What happens when I go away for extended periods"?
Your service company can set your unit to "idle".

"Are there any odours"?
No sewage odours at all, but there may be a slight detergent/disinfectant odour.

"What happens if something goes wrong"?
At the moment, the alarm system will alert you to ring the Service Company. This would defer between 12am and 6am. Should you shut the alarm off, it will alert you again in 24 hours. The large surge capacity will allow you a couple of days to react.

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