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Cluster Systems

Wastewater - Cluster - Treatment - Plants Sewage

We are entering an era of more intense land use. The concept of Clustering (using one system for many residences), will be applied more often in the future.

The Recycle Water Solutions technology is leading the field in this approach.

Recycle Water Solutions has assistance available for Town Planners and Designers, in the preparation of Development Applications.

Recycle Water Solutions can assist with Residential, Commercial and Industrial development projects, by providing Constancy Services - Engineering and Design, and assistance with council applications for development approvals.

Recycle Water Solutions can successfully facilitate negotiations with Government Departments and the Community Consultative Processes.

Some advantages for the developers are:

1. Cluster systems are an alternative for developers, and can be comparable with headworks costs for Council sewerage systems.

2. A MAJOR BENEFIT with the cluster systems is that they are established as they are needed and this removes the outlay of huge amounts of capital to build a major sewage works.

3. Cluster systems can stand-alone.

4. Clusters provide water treatment, water collection and water reclamation.

5. Regional service systems can be established as needed. You don't have to make assumptions about future demographics.

6. Clusters can be applied to different configurations - residential, commercial and industrial areas.

7. Town systems can be modified and Waterboy cluster systems can be integrated into them.

8. You can make clusters look like a centralised system, yet not be one.

9. Waterboy clusters reduce the land size required for housing in non-sewered areas, and as the water quality is so good, the effluent disposal area is radically reduced.

10. If all the reclaimed water can be recycled, for example for toilet flushing or garden watering, an effluent disposal area may not be required at all.

Wastewater - Cluster - Treatment - Plants

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